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SMA America is the North American division of SMA Technologie AG, Germany, located in Grass Valley, California. It is a supplier of Sunny Boy solar-powered inverters and balance of system components.

SMA was founded in Germany in 1981and is the world leader in inverters for electricity conversion of photovoltaic power plants. SMA also works in the fields of microprocessor components, energy supply systems for railway coaches and wind-energy conversion, PV technology, and hybrid systems.

SMA is the leading supplier of grid-tied PV inverters in Europe. Over one million electronic components from SMA are used worldwide. In 2000, SMA opened in the United States to offer its industry-leading Sunny Boy PV String Inverters to the American market.

Inverters - Off Grid: SMA Sunny Island 4248U

SMA Sunny Island 4248U Sunny Island 4248U Inverter Charger The Sunny Island 4248U Inverter provides a continuous power output of 4200 watts and takes 48 volts DC in. That's enough power to power most households with power to spare. Large loads such as water pumps and refrigerators can be easily powered by the Sunny...
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Inverters - Grid Tied: SMA Sunny Boy SB700U

SMA Sunny Boy SB700U Sunny Boy 700U Use the SB700U for small starter systems, educational, or demonstration projects. Field configurable for three output power ranges, based upon DC PV input voltage. This small inverter will allow a PV installation with as few as three solar modules. It's great to fill tight...
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Accessories: SMA Sunny Beam Display

SMA Sunny Beam Display Now you can remotely monitor the performance of your PV system - without wires. The new Sunny Beam displays real-time power output for up to 4 individual inverters numerically and graphically. It also stores a month's worth of production data for review at any time. Its design incorporates a...
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Accessories: SMA Sunny Breeze

SMA Sunny Breeze The SMA Sunny Breeze is an add on accessory cooling fan for the SMA Sunny Boy Inverters that allows you to use your inverter at it's full rated power when there is limited natural cooling airflow. The Sunny Boy inverters are usually...
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