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Reviews by Manufacturer: OutBack Power

OutBack Power Systems is an engineer-owned, customer focused manufacturer of renewable energy and back-up power system equipment. Manufactures off grid and grid tied inverters and an MPPT charge controller.

Inverters - Off Grid: Outback FX Inverters

Outback FX Inverters The Outback Power Systems FX Series of inverter-chargers are among the best in the industry. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Being a sealed unit made of die cast aluminum there is no way insects or rodents can find their way inside. Their AC pure sinewave output is very pure with...
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Inverters - Off Grid: Outback VFX Inverter

Outback VFX Inverter The OutBack VFX Series of inverter\chargers are almost the same as the FX Series. They differ in that they have ventilation slots (hence the VFX, Ventilated FX) cut into the sides and a fan mounted on the top which blows cool air through the inverter....
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Chargers & Controllers: OutBack MX60

OutBack MX60 The MX60 is the ultimate high performance solar controller. OutBack's ingenuity and engineering experience has been combined to maximize the output power of your solar array. The real time Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) system ensures that your solar array is operating at its peak power...
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Accessories: X-240 Transformer

X-240 Transformer The X-240 Transformer from OutBack has three configurations in which it can be used. First: As a step up transformer from 120VAC to 240 VAC to power 240 loads from a single inverter. Second: As a step down transformer for balancing a 240VAC generator while charging through a single...
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Accessories: OutBack Power MATE Controller for FX\VFX Inverters

OutBack Power MATE Controller for FX\VFX Inverters OutBack Power Systems MATE Controller Review The MATE system display and controllers are complete management tools for your OutBack Power system. Through the use of a single MATE you can remotely manage and monitor multiple inverter/chargers, MX60s and any future OutBack power conversion and...
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