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Reviews and Information about stand alone inverters and inverter chargers for off grid use.

Inverters - Off Grid

Inverters - Off Grid: Outback VFX Inverter

Outback VFX Inverter The OutBack VFX Series of inverter\chargers are almost the same as the FX Series. They differ in that they have ventilation slots (hence the VFX, Ventilated FX) cut into the sides and a fan mounted on the top which blows cool air through the inverter. (...)
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Inverters - Off Grid: SMA Sunny Island 4248U

SMA Sunny Island 4248U Sunny Island 4248U Inverter Charger The Sunny Island 4248U Inverter provides a continuous power output of 4200 watts and takes 48 volts DC in. That's enough power to power most households with power to spare. Large loads such as water pumps and refrigerators can be easily powered by the Sunny (...)
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Inverters - Off Grid: Exeltech XP True Sine Wave Inverter

Exeltech XP True Sine Wave Inverter Exeltech inverters deliver the exact output voltage and waveform that exists in home and office environments, guaranteeing that electronic devices will receive a highly regulated sine wave. This inverter provides smooth, continuous power, without noise and voltage spikes which could affect (...)
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Inverters - Off Grid: Xantrex DR Inverters

Xantrex DR Inverters The Xantrex DR Series of inverter-chargers were designed for use as stand by power applications in the Dominican Republic (DR) and other developing countries subject to rolling blackouts and an unreliable power grid. There is no digital display, just some LED's to indicate whether the inverter (...)
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Inverters - Off Grid: Xantrex SW Inverters

Xantrex SW Inverters The Xantrex (formerly Trace Engineering) SW Series inverter-charger is probably the most popular off grid and back up power inverter in the world. They are also able to be grid tied or utility connected with the option of the GTI Grid Tie Interface. They come in 4000 watt and 5500 watt (...)
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Inverters - Off Grid: Outback FX Inverters

Outback FX Inverters The Outback Power Systems FX Series of inverter-chargers are among the best in the industry. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions. Being a sealed unit made of die cast aluminum there is no way insects or rodents can find their way inside. Their AC pure sinewave output is very pure with (...)
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