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Batteries - Flooded lead acid, AGM and Gel Cell.


Batteries: Concorde SunXtender Series AGM Batteries

Concorde SunXtender Series AGM Batteries Concorde SunXtender AGM VRLA Absorbed Glass Mat Valve Regulated Lead-Acid batteries are designed specifically for deep cycle, photovoltaic applications. SunXtender batteries are available in 2, 6, or 12 volt. With capacities from 34 to 648 amp hours @ 24 hour rate. Here are some features of the (...)
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Batteries: Trojan L16P

Trojan L16P The Trojan battery L16P is a very common battery for solar and renewable energy applications. It is fairly light weight only about 115 pounds so it can be installed by one person easily. It is a six volt 390 Amp Hour (at 20 hour rate) flooded lead acid battery. They are relatively cheap, in (...)
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