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Solar Car Fan - Review Coming Soon - Auto Cool

You've seen them advertised on TV. A solar powered fan that clips to your car window to keep your parked car cool during the heat of summer. But do Solar Powered Car Fans really work as advertised?
Check back soon for reviews and information about Auto Cool and possibly others.


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Janet D. (calif.) (aajdomain AT aajdomain DOT com)   08/15/2006


Jim Zucker (srslickz2002 AT srslickz2002 DOT com)   08/15/2006

I bought two "Auto-Cool" solar fans; I'm not sure that they were advertised as "silent & solar," but they were very quiet and reduced my car's interior temperature by ~3 degrees F (ambient ~85 air temp outside) and I was using two good calibrated thermometers. It's a cute idea; might work on small pets (hamsters, etc)if you could figure out how to protect them from the sun!

The ads for the "Auto-Cool" are horribly misleading (unless you're parked in the sun in northern Michigan in late October!

Jim Zucker (FL)

betty lee (beverlyhills AT beverlyhills DOT com)   08/25/2006

ordered 3 wks ago have not received them yet

James Pearson (jjpearson AT jjpearson DOT com)   09/09/2006

Odered two AutoCools 3 weeks ago and the still have not arrived.

Marie Williams (marie12343 AT marie12343 DOT com)   05/19/2008

(1)-Does this item interfere in any way with a car alarm? (since placing it on the window keeps the window from closing completely.)
(2)If it rains and one is not aware or cannot get to the car, can damage be causd to the car interior? Thank you?

John D (JD AT JD DOT com)   06/09/2008

I live in Houston, I had 2 of 'em, figured 2 would move more air - ha!. Even when they were going full blast, if you put your face to them, any air movement was hardly noticable. They would only work if oriented towards the FULL sun. You can't always park where it/they are properly oriented. Either way I never noticed any benefit from them, the vehic was still HOT. I returned them both and am always looking for something that might actually work, before I plunk down anymore $$.

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