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Outback VFX Inverter

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The OutBack VFX Series of inverter\chargers are almost the same as the FX Series. They differ in that they have ventilation slots (hence the VFX, Ventilated FX) cut into the sides and a fan mounted on the top which blows cool air through the inverter.

They are available with 12, 24 or 48 volt DC input and output wattages from 2800 to 3600 watts at 120 volts AC. VFX inverters are also available with 230 VAC 50 Hz for 'export' use.

The VFX also feature a powerful battery charger to safely and efficiently recharge your batteries from a generator. Also when the generator is on the VFX has a built in transfer switch to keep your loads powered while the batteries are recharging.

The charger and also many other numerous settings can be changed and set by the user with the OutBack MATE control and display, not included with the VFX. The MATE is about $300 and well worth the investment since the user at the installed location can adjust all charging set points and maximum charge rate and other important settings. Also you can view the current charge rate and power output. The nice thing about the OutBack line of Inverters is the non volatile memory. You can set up the inverter with the MATE and then disconnect the inverter and take it in the field and install it without losing the settings.

Also the VFX (as well as the FX) can be stacked, up to 10 units can be installed to work together providing either 120 or 240 VAC up to 36 kW. If stacking more than one VFX the Hub communications manager is required. Three VFX inverters can be stacked to provide three phase Wye power output and will accept three phase input for charging as long as it is true 3 phase with each leg 120 degrees off. I've seen some buildings with regular split phase 240 VAC 180 degrees off and an extra leg added that's 120 degrees off one of those legs. It's kinda weird and the 3 phase OutBack didn't seem to want to synchronize to that power for charging.

Since the VFX is NOT a sealed unit like the FX it can provide more power output because of better cooling, but it cannot tolerate the same harsh conditions. It has cooling slots on the sides and a fan on top each covered with a screen so rodents and insects can't get in but water can. I've seen an OutBack VFX ruined because of water damage, the user failed to install all of the supplied covers and water got into the AC board and shorted the AC input contacts, thereby ruining the whole AC board. The VFX is most likely not to blame as it should have been installed in an area where it was not subject to rain or direct water contact.

The sine wave power output is very pure, much better than the Xantrex SW Inverters. When I last had an OutBack VFX on the oscilloscope I was very impressed by the quality of the sine wave.

The only downside I see to the VFX is the lack of generator start relays integrated. It has an auxiliary contact that can be used to control a Generator Start Module, but that's all it is, a contact that can be set to close depending on the voltage of the batteries, external relays are still required to start the generator.

If you don't need the sealed FX for use in extremely harsh environments then I strongly recommend buying a VFX simply because of the increased power output.

120VAC 60Hz


230VAC 50Hz


My Overall Rating 9.5\10

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segun sadare (segunsadare AT segunsadare DOT com)   05/14/2007

Off-grid, top notch!!

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