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The SMA Sunny Breeze is an add on accessory cooling fan for the SMA Sunny Boy Inverters that allows you to use your inverter at it's full rated power when there is limited natural cooling airflow.
The Sunny Boy inverters are usually installed outside on a wall or under the eaves or overhangs of the roof. Occasionally they are installed mounted on a pole under a PV array. In each of these cases there is natural cooling air that keeps the Sunny Boy cool so the Sunny Breeze is not necessary.
If though, you install the Sunny Boy inside or in the sun it may get too hot and will derate the power output so as too keep cool. In this case a Sunny Breeze is a necessity. If you have an expensive PV array and Sunny Boy inverters why take the chance that you won't be getting all the power you can form your system? Buy a Sunny Breeze fan to keep your inverter cool and producing full power.

The Sunny Breeze is powered from the included power adapter that plugs into standard 120VAC and puts out 9VDC. Simply plug into and AC outlet and plug the other end into the Sunny Breeze fan. On the Sunny Breeze there are 2 power jacks. One is for the incoming power and another is there so that you can 'daisy chain' up to three total Sunny Breeze fans for three Sunny Boy inverters.

When you first install and plug in the Sunny Breeze you may not think it is working. It installs right onto the heatsink on top of the Sunny Boy and is thermostatically controlled. It only comes on if the heatsink temperature reaches 122 degrees F. and turns off when it cools to 95 degrees F.
The Sunny Breeze is simple to install and quite effective. If you have a Sunny Boy installed in the sun or in a very hot climate buy a Sunny Breeze to keep it cool and performing at it's peak power.

The only downside that I can see is it's price. It is a rather small, seemingly basic fan and the suggested retail price is about $150. I've seen them for sale retail for just over $100 though.

My Overall Rating 8\10


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