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Global Solar P3 Foldable Modules

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Global Solar P3 Portable Power Pack

Unlike other solar products that are laminated between glass, "Global Solar's thin-film solar product the P3 Portable Power Pack is extremely durable, yet lightweight. In severe durability tests the P3 continued to provide power even after being run over by large transport vehicles and having holes shot through the solar cells. Global Solar's military solar products have passed STARS V International Environmental Tests (JSS 5555 L-3)."

Global Solar P3 Portable Power Pack's are very well made, extremely durable and quite useful. Available in wattages from 15 to 48 and 12 or 24 volts there is sure to be a P# to suit your needs. You can power some loads or devices directly from the module or use it to recharge batteries.

Originally designed for military applications Global Solar P3 modules are available in Desert Camouflage or traditional Woodland Camouflage colors. Global Solar P3 Portable Power Packs feature incredibly tough ripstop backing material and an anti-glare or anti-glint covering on the front so they won't reflect sun and give away your position.

Though designed for military applications they can be purchased by retail customers here.

Global Solar P3 modules are weatherproof and UV resistant, fold up and snap closed and have a Velcro pouch on the side for storing a small charge controller or cables. They have a 2 pin SAE trailer plug attached making installation simple, just plug into their charge control and clip to a battery. It can't get any easier than that.

All the great features of the Global Solar P3 modules come at a price though. Starting at just over $300 retail and going to almost $900. The durability and technology of the cells is still expensive but you do get what you pay for. Highly recommended for extreme situations requiring unfailing power under any conditions. Or if you just want to impress your friends with the coolest looking best performing foldable solar module on the market.

My Overall Rating 9.5\10

Available models...
P3-15 $307.43
P3-30 $499.99
P3-48 $798.95
P3-55 $869.95

*Note - Prices are from a retail store as of April 2006. Subject to change.


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