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Got Sun? Go Solar - Book Review

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Got Sun? Go Solar: Get Free Renewable Energy to Power Your Grid-Tied Home
159 Pages Published by PixyJack Press, LLC - Masonville, CO
First Edition 2005

Got Sun? Go Solar is a very informative book geared toward those who are new to solar and photovoltaics. It covers a lot of good material but doesn't go too deep into technical jargon that many people would not understand. It is simple, concise and easy to follow.

Got Sun? Go Solar has 12 chapters covering all the topics you could think of relating to a PV installation on a grid-tied home. Topics range from why you would want a PV system to how much it's going to cost and also covers specific products.

There is also a chapter on wind power for your grid-tied home. In many locations there may not be sun but there may be plenty of wind.

There is a chapter on electricity, but as I said earlier it doesn't get too complicated and if you really don't understand it, don't worry. There's enough other good information in here that will help you with your PV project without having to learn all about electrons.

Overall, Got Sun? Go Solar is a very informative book; it provides a lot of good information and is easy to read. Even if you have never heard of a solar module before picking up this book, when you're done reading it you will have a good idea of how a PV system works and what components you need. I recommend this book to anyone new to solar electric or wind power, that wants to get their feet wet learning about this fascinating power source and how it can help lower or eliminate completely your dependency on grid power.

If you want even more detailed, technical information definitely take a look at this book: Photovoltaics: Design & Installation Manual

My Overall Rating 8.5\10

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