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SMA Sunny Boy SB700U

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Sunny Boy 700U

Use the SB700U for small starter systems, educational, or demonstration projects. Field configurable for three output power ranges, based upon DC PV input voltage. This small inverter will allow a PV installation with as few as three solar modules. It's great to fill tight spaces. Just like every other Sunny Boy Inverter the SB700U can be configured for all of the communications options available, and is UL listed and NEMA4x rated for indoor or outdoor use. As an added advantage, the SB700U has a new control board that allows for any remote communications option to be used simultaneously with the Sunny Boy Display!

I have personally wired a SunnyBoy700 and it is incredibly easy. There are some Allen head bolts that hold the front cover on and some knock-outs on the bottom. There are terminals for DC PV In and AC out. Very easy to install and wire.

The Sunny Boy 700U can put out AC power at 460, 600, or 700 watts based upon maximum PV input of 640, 840, or 1000 watts at 150, 200, or 250 volts DC Input. With its small size, low price, and average efficiency of 93.1% this grid tie inverter can be used on any budget in any location.

Sunny Boy 700U Grid Tie Inverter MSRP$1,799

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