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Solar / Alt Energy Sites

SolarFest: The New England Renewable Energy Festival
Two days of music, and renewable and energy workshops all powered solely by renewable energy sources.

Daily 'Free Energy' News
Daily Clean Energy Technology News and Directory

photovoltaic technologies and applications

CirKits sells kits to assemble your own solar charge controller!

Home Power Magazine
Your Small Scale Renewable Energy (RE) Source

MidNite Solar
MidNite Solar - Manufactures the E-Panel.

The Solar Guide
Your guide to solar and renewable energy.

Solar Power Answers

Earthtoys Alternative Energy Library
Alternative Energy News, Emagaizine, and Library

Free Sun Power
FreeSunPower provides FREE beginner & advanced tutorials for solar energy systems plus interactive online design tools for system sizing, battery wiring, and more. And, you can test drive our new Solar Energy Electric Power System Simulation.

Sunny Hill Farms - Oregon PV System
Installation of an 11.5kW Photovoltaic System in Oregon USA. Includes very good, very complete photographs of the entire installation process.

UK Energy Saving
This website gives information and tips on ways to save energy and also how to save money on household bills.

Gordon Clarke Architects
Eco architects specialising in sustainable design, combining green materials and high quality organic architecture

Computers and Internet

ColdFusion Tutorials and Free Code Downloads
Step by step Macromedia ColdFusion code tutorials. Learn how to make ColdFusion work for you!

How To Guides and Knowledge Base for WiFi Technology.
WiFi tips, how-to's, guides, help and a lot more.

Interesting / Misc Sites

My Gourmet Kitchen

VW Repair Guides
VW repair guides and manuals. Fix your VW yourself!

Wolfenden Publishing- Books about Asia
Features books about Asia and the South Pacific.

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